Need help playing RBY? I'll tell you some tricks which you can use if you have problems.These will not spoil your game as they are not cheats.

Defeating Gym LeadersEdit

Beat BrockEdit


Brock in Y

If you choosed Bulbasaur or Squirtle  as your starter in R/B, you'll just fly through brock. Just level up Bulbasaur to level 13 to let it learn Vine Whip or level up Squirtle to level 8 for Bubble or

Brock in R/B

level 15 for 
Water Gun. But those who choose Charmander and Yellow players need some other way to defeat him. 

Butterfree  - Butterfree in actually the most reliable option for Brock. Catch a Caterpie  in Viridian Forest and level it up first to a Metapod at level 7 and then level it up to level 10 for that golden Butterfree. Do not catch a Metapod directly as it knows just Harden which is actually not any attack at all. And when the Butterfree is at level 12 (R/B only) it learns Confusion which is quite a very strong attack for level 12. In Yellow, it will learn it as soon as it evolves.

Mankey (Yellow only) - Mankey can be found in Route 22 and it learns Low Kick a Fight type attack at level 9 and it will be super effective against Brock's pokemon specially Onix, because Low Kick does more damage to heavier foes. But as Brock's pokemon have good Defense, so they have a little benefit.

Pokemon Suggested against Brock and their suggested Moves :-Edit

Pokemon Move 1 Move 2 Move3 Move4




Leech Seed Vine Whip


Tackle Tail Whip Bubble Water Gun


Mankey (Yellow Only)
Scratch Leer Low Kick


Tackle Sting Shot Harden Confusion

Beat MistyEdit

If you choosed Bulbasaur as your starter it might have become an Ivysaur by now which will surely help in 


Misty in R/B

this gym.

Pikachu - If you are lucky you can find Pikachu in Viridian Forest which will know Thundershock an Electric move which will be super-effective against Misty's pokemon. But both Misty's Pokemon have good defense and great speed so make sure that that your Pikachu can take some hits. 


Misty in Y

Bulbasaur (Yellow only) - If your Pikachu is happy you will get a Bulbasaur from a house near the Pokemon Center. Although it's only level 10, it has Leech Seed and you can always train it or use the rare candies to level 13 to level it up to level 13 to learn Vine Whip which can help a lot to you.

Oddish or Bellsprout - Oddish or Bellspout can help in this gym too